Frequently Asked Questions

What is Türkiye Visa Application Center

Türkiye Visa Application Center is the sole institution officially authorized to receive visa applications for Türkiye in Germany.

Is Visa decision given by Türkiye Visa Application Center

No. Türkiye Visa Application Center is only obliged to forward the applications to Embassy/Consulate and the visa decision is only given by Embassy/Consulate. Employees of Türkiye Visa Application Center have no positive or negative impact on the visa decision. If you encountered the claim that employees of Türkiye Visa Application Center you claim to have an influence on the visa decision, then please notify it to authorized officers of Türkiye Visa Application Center.

Can I make my visa applications at Consulate/Embassy

No. You can only make your visa applications at Türkiye Visa Application centers, which is the sole authorized body.

Can I apply without appointment

Unless there is a case of urgency applicant cannot apply without an appointment

How can I schedule an appointment

You can schedule your appointment only via our website, email address or by calling 00490222764905 to apply VIP appointment.

Can I send my documents via cargo for application

No. You must personally submit your visa application at Türkiye Visa Application Centers and you have to fingerprint.

What are your working hours

For our Visa Application Center working hours 09:00-15:00

What are the Contact details for the Visa Application Center.

For our contact details please apply for the link.

What are the address details for the Preliminary Türkiye Visa Application Center

Please click the link for address details and directions.

Where can I find details about documents necessary for the visa application

To make your visa application, first you need to know the type of your visa. Please click here to inquire your visa type and relevant documents.

Can I apply for a Visa with missing documentation

No, the Turkish Embassy does not accept visa application with missing documentation.

What should be the validity of Passport applying for Turkish Visa

Your passport should be more than 6 months valid if you want to apply for Turkish Visa. If you have less than 6 months remaining, we recommend that you re-new your passport before your application.

How much payment do I need to make to Türkiye Visa Application Center

For detailed information about our fees please click the link.

I am going to travel to another country through Türkiye. Do I need a Turkish Visa

You need to apply transit visa.

How can I obtain a Travel Health Insurance

You may obtain a Travel Health Insurance from all our Türkiye Visa Application centers. You can also obtain Travel Health Insurance from any authorized agency but it is validity in Türkiye will be checked by us.

Can I cancel my application

After providing a statement declaring request of withdrawal if the Consulate/Embassy approves cancelation may be processed. Applications may take up to a couple of days. We kindly would like to remind applicants that refunds are not processed for cancellations.

How can I check my visa application after I apply

After the application has been made, you made check your application status by using our website.

How can I receive my passport

You may receive your passport from our visa application center alongside your ID and payment receipt that has been provided during your application.

Can somebody else apart from me pick up my passport

Only if you authorized someone else to take your passport during the application, the person you authorized can collect your passport.

What are the additional services I may use at the Turkish Visa Application Center

You may receive the following services at the Turkish Visa Application Center: Photocopying, travel health insurance, VIP Services, hotel reservations, flight reservations and filling application form.

Would the additional services in Türkiye Visa Application Center affect my visa application

Additional services could be used upon request and are not compulsory, the usage of these services shall not affect your application in a positive or negative manner.

What does VIP Service Mean

Türkiye Visa applicants may utilize VIP Services in our application centers.
Your visa process shall proceed in a very quick manner in our specially designed offices for you, alongside treats that shall be served. We would kindly like to note that utilizing our VIP services will not have an effect in the Embassy/Consulates decision in regards of your visa application process.

If my Visa Application is rejected, can I apply again?

If you have backed your application with supplying documents (financial documents or different reason to travel), you have the right to apply again for a visa. Please keep in mind that visa fees and service fees collected by the diplomatic missions are non-refundable even if your application is rejected.