Public Holidays / Closures

List of Public Holidays and Dates we are closed during 2021:

Date Holiday
09.02.2021 National Sports Day
12.04.2021 National Sovereignty and Children's Day
13.05.2021 Ramadan Feast
13.05.2021 Ramadan Feast
14.05.2021 Ramadan Feast
15.05.2021 Ramadan Feast
20.07.2021 Eid Holiday
21.07.2021 Eid Holiday
22.07.2021  Eid Holiday 
23.07.2021  Eid Holiday
29.10.2021 Turkish Republic Day
18.12.2021 Qatar National Day 

Note: Holidays in Qatar shall differ according to the Türkiye's agenda and Managements decisions.