Business Visa

Required Documentation for Business Visa

Our Preliminary Türkiye Visa Application in Qatar accepts visa applications in accordance to the requests and standards of the Turkish Embassy/Consulate in Qatar. The decisions are made by the Embassy/Consulate, Our Turkish Visa Application center has no decision-making authority, affecting the time the applications are processed in or the outcome.
-Applications should be made at our visa application centers in person.
-Applications must be made 90 days prior travel dates.
-All payments, including visa fees are made in cash during the visa application at our application centers.

1) Passport
The original of the passport which is at least valid for 6 months starting by the arrival date in Türkiye and has at least two empty pages.
- Copies of the passport, and if any older passports, ID details and previous visas. You may contact our call center for further information.
2) Biometric Photograph
2 biometric photographs, a size of 5X6CM, with white background, shot in the last 6 months.

İn order to apply in Qatar, starting from the date of application, applicant must have a valid resident permit for at least 3 months. The original of resident permit must be presented for the application to be accepted.
• For applicants without a resident permit, a return visa to Qatar must be presented.

4) Travel Health İnsurance
- A valid Travel Health Insurance starting from the date of travel that covers the whole duration of stay is requested. - A coverage of a minimum 30 Thousand Euros is requested. - We provide travel health insurance services in our offices; it is recommended that you utilize this service as our medical policies have a complete coverage for all medical institutions around Türkiye and is under the guarantee of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

5) Travel Documentation
- The documentation foreseen for transport as means of proof, this could be (flight tickets and if shall arrive with car legal documentation of the related car, license of driver, insurance documentation. During applicant’s visa procedures it is recommended not to purchase travel documentation and only provide reservations.)

6) Accommodation İnformation
- Accommodation hotel reservation details for the whole duration of stay must be presented and the dates must coincide with the flight ticket dates of the applicants.

7) Additional Documentation for Group Travels
The details of travel documented by the company who is organizing the travel, A declaration of statement by every individual shall be given indicating they shall return to their country, (signed and stamped.)

8) Business İnvitation
- The inviting company in Türkiye must present a declaration on letterhead confirming applicants visit.
- The travel dates, reason for travel, accommodation details, details of who will cover costs and contract details of person providing the letters must be included, the letter must be signed and stamped.
- Alongside the invitation letter it is recommended that the company who is inviting applicant provides company documentation. (Optional.)

9) Employment Documentation
If an Employee: A original guarantee letter from the related company (Company owner or a responsible individual must indicate the position of the applicant, start date of employment, the dates that has vacation approved from work and a documentation proving the applicant will return to his/her country and contact details including a name surname signature and official stamp.)

If a Company Owner: Company Registration Documentation (The originals.) If available bank statements for the previous 6 months, signed and stamped.

If Retired: The original retirement documentation and a documentation proving the amount of last pension received.

If somebody else is sponsoring Applicant: The above-mentioned employment documentation of the sponsor is required. Additionally, a Qatar ID copy and a declaration stating that the sponsor will cover all costs signed.
Note: Only Family members can be a sponsor for one another. Sponsors that are not family shall not be accepted.

10) Documentation Showing Financial Documentation
- Bank account summary for the last 3 months, must be signed and stamped. Last date of transaction must be 10 days old at latest.
- If applicant has a saving account, transactions shall be documented.
- If applicants receive salary cash in hand, a letter head from the company indicating salary details, signed and stamped.
- If any, the documents related to the properties owned by applicant (title deed, license, etc.)
- If any, bank account summaries of a bank in Türkiye or documents related to the properties.

11) Letter explaining the purpose of travel. Must be written only either in English or Turkish with applicant's signature

12) Additional Documentation
- If applicant previously resided in Türkiye, relevant residence document or work permit
- If applicant previously resided in a country other than Türkiye, relevant residence document.
- If any, previously received Türkiye visa.
- If any, current or previously received Schengen / USA / UK visa,
- Applicants with dual citizenship are required to submit documents related to 2nd citizenship.
- If you have someone who will company your travel, copy of his/her valid visa, and flight reservation must be submitted.

Note: All documents that are presented must be up to date and fully complete as per the list. The Turkish Embassy of Qatar reserves the right to request additional documentation where needed. Completing all the required documentation does not guarantee approval for a visa and a refund is not possible under any circumstances. If applicants are applying as a family or group all the above-mentioned documentation needs to be submitted individually.