Travel Health Security Insurance

Travel Health Security Insurance

What does the Türkiye travel health insurance cover?

Türkiye travel health insurance coverage for people between the age of 0 and 80 is as below.

  • • Medical treatment
  • • Insured person’s travel or transport for medical reasons
  • • Insured person’s transport to his/her place of permanent residence
  • • Stolen or lost luggage
  • • Transport of deceased insured person
  • • Medical consultancy
  • • Emergency messages

What are the advantages of Sompo Japan travel health insurance for Türkiye visa applicants?
  • • In case of illness or injury while your travel to Türkiye, your insurance will cover all the hospital, surgeries, treatment and doctor prescription drugs expenses up to 60.000 USD. Our insurance also covers the emergency dental treatment costs up to $60.
  • In case of luggage lose, stealing or damage in charter flights, if your luggage is not found (until minimum 20 days), you can get the compensation up to 500 USD.
  • • In illness or injury cases, you will be transported to the nearest treatment centre. All the costs of your transportation to the place of your residence is covered by the insurance also.
  • • In illness or injury cases the insurance covers reaching out to the relatives during the treatment.

What should be done in emergency situations?
    In the emergency situations you can contact the assistance company of Sompo Japan insurance by the numbers below to get help 7/24.
  • • 00 90 850 251 80 11
  • When you call the assistance company you will be asked about the below information:
  • • Your full name, insurance policy number and it’s expiry date
  • • A reachable phone number
  • • Information about what you want to get help with

Please Note:
The assistance company will give you the necessary information and guidance about the contracted treatment centres and the nearest centre to your location.